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Reviews and Projects

Annual Review 2018 

Stephen Gladstone Hall Project 2019-2021 


Mission Statement: Library Services at Gladstone’s Library (4.1.1)

Mission Statement: Archive Services at Gladstone’s Library (4.1.2)

Collections Development Policy (4.3)

Acquisition Policy (4.3.1)

Digitisation Policy (4.3.2)

Digital Services at Gladstone’s Library (15.1)

De-Accessioning and Disposal Policy (4.3.3)

Access Policy (4.4)

GDPR Retention Schedule for the Reading Rooms (4.13.2)


Library Regulations (4.2)

Guides and Information

Volunteering at Gladstone’s Library Information Pack (14.1)

Download Volunteering Application Form (14.3)


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Food for thought

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