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The Library has always played host to writers.

In the last few years, burgeoning waves of creative writers, at all stages of their writing life, have been coming through the doors: published novelists, Writers-in-Residence, members of our writing group and plenty of others have joined us for some peaceful writing time.

As a result, in 2013 we began to create a collection that responds to the needs of those who are looking to write as well as to read.

Below are a selection of downloadable study guides which accompany our courses and events here at the Library.

Course leaders, Writersin Residence, guest lecturers and Graduate Work Experience students have worked with the library team to select texts found in the collections that support the courses offered here at the Library and the wider school syllabus.

Whether you want to prepare for a course, continue developing what you've learned from a course, or simply work your own way through some guided reading, you'll be sure to find a study guide or reading list that suits you.

We have also added a 'Study Guides' classmark to our existing collections, designed to hold texts that proffer advice on all stages of the writing process.

The main 'Study Guides' (SG) collection is divided into sections that are relevant to the type of text that is being written: fiction (FIC), poetry (POE), biography (BIO), drama (DRA), and research (REA).

So a text with the classmark 'SG FIC KIN' is a study guide to writing fiction by the author Stephen King.

Many of the texts in the 'Study Skills' collection have been recommended by our Writers in Residence (nearly all of whom teach creative writing themselves) and all of them can be found in the Annex corridor.

We hope that you will find them an interesting and informative guide to your reading at the Library.

If you have any questions about the guides or any suggestions for future areas please email 

To download a Study Guide simply click the link and the PDF will download and open. Save it to your device in the usual way.

To download a Study Guide to your Kindle: Send the file to your (the 'free' part stops the PDF being delivered over 3G which incurs charges).

In order for this to work, you must have approved the sending of email to your Kindle. See here for Amazon's guide on how to do this.

Course Guides

Film and Theology (April 2013)

Archbishop Barry Morgan - Strangely Orthodox: R. S. Thomas (March 2013)

Writer in Residence Guides

Richard Beard - Creative Writing: How to Get Started (February 2013)

Richard Beard - Theology as Fiction (February 2013)

Sarah Perry - An Introduction to the Gothic novel (January 2013)

Graduate Work Experience & Work Experience Guides

Simon Rowland - Words and Music (July 2014)

Deri Jones-Downes - Music Pyschology (July 2014)

Lauren Holmes - Romantic Conversations: William Wordsworth (July 2014)

Leigh Hunt - Romantic Conversations: The Cockney School of Poetry

Kate Atkinson - Germany (WJEC syllabus)

Kate Atkinson - Tudor England (WJEC syllabus)


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